Jared Graber

Sales Support

Jared - Floor Craft Colorado Springs

Jared’s tenure at Floor Craft began in the warehouse more than seven years ago, but his position and responsibilities have evolved significantly since then. Jared works as Floor Craft’s operations manager and scheduler. He keeps busy monitoring inventory levels, tracking products for jobs, and keeping problems in the field at bay. You may not see Jared on the sales floor, but if you purchase flooring from Floor Craft, you will likely get a call from him notifying you that your material has arrived and your job is ready to schedule.

Jared is one of those weird people that enjoys running. Like, does it for fun. We don’t get it either. He also is busy raising his young son. Jared grew up in the small town of Rye, CO, and spends many weekends back home with his son exploring the mountains of his youth.