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Do you have some questions about your potential floor project that you can’t seem to find an answer to? Chances are so are others, so we have compiled a list of the most common questions we hear throughout our decades of experience.


All of the installers we work with are subcontractors running their businesses. That being said, they are all insured and have a registered trade name with the state. Even though they are subcontractors, we have been working with many of them for years, if not decades, and only work with the best in the business.

The time it takes to replace flooring depends on what type of flooring is being covered or replaced, as well as the size of the affected area. Our professional flooring and carpet installation team at Floor Craft will be in and out of your home in the blink of an eye. We conduct business around your schedule, making the flooring installation process stress-free and convenient for your way of life. If your home is ready for a makeover, contact us at Floor Craft about our carpet installation services today.

At Floor Craft, we offer a wide selection of the highest quality products from the greatest brands in the world.

Floor Craft is open to the public! We make every effort possible to create a clean and safe environment for customers and our employees. We have a massive showroom that allows for sufficient social distancing. We are continuously sanitizing all samples and surfaces; our employees wear masks when interacting with customers and provide hand sanitizer as well.

Depending on the project, your current flooring may have to be removed. We may also be able to accommodate a new install over your old flooring. Your Floor Craft professional can provide more information and your options during your In-Home Estimate.


The most common fibers used in carpeting are Nylon and Polyester. Nylon was widely considered the superior fiber for a long time, but Polyester has come a long way in recent years. Nylon is known for being more durable and wearing better, but Polyester has a leg up in stain resistance. Polyester usually has a softer feel to it as well. It all comes down to the application in your home. If you have kids and animals doing hot laps through your home, nylon may work better; if you want a plush step in your master bedroom, perhaps Polyester is the way to go. However, both fibers create a superb carpet with how far technology has come!

It is not uncommon for a brand new carpet to shed for up to 120 days. The main reasoning for carpets to shed is due to cut fibers left from the milling process. It is our recommendation that the carpet is vacuumed frequently to minimize the carpets from shedding.

The process of installing carpets depends on factors like what types of carpets are being installed, what type of flooring is underneath, and the shape and size of the room where the carpet is being installed. At any rate, installing carpets can be a big (and very mess-ridden) job, so go ahead and leave this to the professionals — especially if you’re remodeling your home for showing or selling it!

Every home flooring project is special. However, you are not required to wait to return furniture on your new carpet! Allowing people to walk on the carpet immediately after installation is also okay. Walking around the newly carpeted room with your Floor Craft professional for a final inspection would be beneficial.

No matter what type of carpet you have, the pleasant way to preserve it easily is with the aid of following the manufacturer’s suggestions. Those guidelines vary by brand and product line, depending on elements such as the “pile” (height) of the carpet and what materials the carpet is made from. If you have questions about keeping your new carpets clean, ask our Floor Craft experts for recommendations.

Carpet squares, additionally known as “modular carpets,” are precisely what they sound like Small squares of carpeting, usually with dimensions of 18” x 18” or 24” x 24”. Carpet squares were designed to offer a lightweight alternative to traditional carpet rolls that are extensively larger and heavier. Carpet squares have precise pros and cons, so it’s a terrific idea to weigh the advantages and drawbacks with a skilled expert. Our crew at Floor Craft can help you decide whether conventional carpets or carpet tiles are better for your new carpet installation.


This question is tricky to answer without seeing the job because it depends on how well the current vinyl is adhered to. We can’t confidently install new vinyl over existing vinyl that is poorly adhered, because the layer beneath it will compromise the bond between the new vinyl. If your vinyl is still stuck solid, we always review it before discussing tearing out or a floating floor option.

Today’s vinyl has come a long way from what you might remember as grandma’s vinyl floors. Vinyl, or “resilient flooring,” can be characterized as sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), or luxury vinyl boards (LVP). Vinyl is an amazingly solid and fashionable flooring choice with exceptional guarantees and a ravishing array of designs and styles to suit each room in your home. Our LVT and LVP collections offer strength with modern or provincial looks to meet each requirement.

With normal upkeep, your excellent vinyl floors will last for decades. Floor Craft offers industry-leading guarantees on all vinyl items, promising a life of 15 to 25 years and beyond.

Typically, an underlayment is installed below a vinyl floor to create a moisture-resistant seal, reduce telegraphing (when imperfections on the subfloor are visible through the LVT), and reduce sound resonance on the floor. In some cases, LVT products come with fiberglass, cork, or foam backing that eliminates the need for underlayment. In these cases, the floor can be installed directly onto the subfloor or floating over an older, existing floor.

The capacity to stand up against moisture is the main distinction between laminate and vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, meaning it can safely be introduced in any room of your home. Laminate flooring ordinarily includes a fiberboard center, implying it will soften and swell if exposed to water. Laminate flooring can be water-resistant if correctly installed, but typically only briefly. Both floorings can be comparative in appearance, but laminate tends to be more natural-looking than vinyl. Vinyl is 100 percent engineered, while laminate includes a center made from wood byproducts fortified with resins.


Schluter is a company that makes a range of products, all of which we are a preferred dealer. Most commonly, when people refer to Schluter, they refer to the metal profiles used to hide a raw edge of the tile, doing the job that a bullnose has traditionally done. Along with metal profiles, they also make waterproofing membranes, prefabricated shower profiles, underlayment, and heat mats. If you want to know more about their product offerings, give us a ring!

When it comes to choosing floor tiles for your home, there’s truly no “right” or “wrong” answer. It all depends on what’s best for you, not only from a fashion and design point of view but also in terms of your way of life and ordinary needs. For example, you’ll likely need to select an item that fits along with your home’s paint scheme and doesn’t clash with the room where it’s being introduced. You might also need to consider variables like moisture, foot traffic, and upkeep. No matter what features are on your “must-have” list, we can direct you toward an excellent fit for your style and budget.

On the off chance that you’re seeking out variety, tiling has it all. Present-day floor tiles are profoundly customizable, with unending colors, designs, materials, and surfaces for homeowners to select from. There are more than a dozen types of floor tiles, with a few well-known choices counting ceramic tiles, cork tiles, glass tiles, stone tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles. Once you switch up colors and designs, the conceivable outcomes are endless.

Everyone knows that hardwood floors can be recolored or refinished. But did you know the exact strategies that might be utilized to customize the look of porcelain tile flooring? The method differs, but the conclusion is the same: a richer color and a glossier surface. But be cautioned: recoloring and refinishing may be a complicated, troublesome venture, mainly when working with substances like porcelain. For lasting, quality results without any stress or mess, contact your Floor Craft professional for help.

We are ready to professionally introduce in-stock tile flooring when you need it – as soon as the next day. Since we have huge stockrooms with tile flooring ready to be installed, we can work around your schedule and offer assistance to make upgrading your home simple and convenient.


There are two options here that really boil down to a couple of questions. How bad are the scratches, and what has been used to clean the floor? If the scratches are only in the finish of the wood and not all the way down into the wood itself, a screen and coat could be the answer. This is basically a light sanding of the existing finish, and then a new coat of finish is added to refresh the floor. If the scratches are too deep though, this treatment will not do the trick. Also, if the floor has been cleaned with an oil-based cleaner, such as Murphy’s Oil or Shine and Glow products, this will not work. Those products contaminate the finish of the wood and don’t allow the new coat of polyurethane to bond to the existing finish. So if the damage to the floor is too deep, or the finish has been contaminated, a full re-sanding is required. On the downside, this is certainly more expensive, but on the bright side, you can change your stain color if you so please.

We are ready to professionally install in-stock hardwood flooring when you need it – as soon as the following day. Since we have expansive stockrooms with hardwood flooring ready to be installed, we can work around your plan and offer assistance to make upgrading your home simple and convenient.

Most manufacturers suggest that any hardwood item be acclimated within the space that it’ll be installed for no less than 72 hours. It is also vital to organize the hardwood boxes for acclimation to grant equal airflow to all of the boxes, guaranteeing each box of wood gets the same level of acclimation. By and large, stacking the boxes no more than four tall and with at slightest 6” of space around, all sides will suffice.

Each installation changes depending on whether your new hardwood is prefinished or unfinished. If the unused material is unfinished, you may be compelled to wait 24 hours after installation. This will guarantee that the final coat of varnish has a satisfactory time to dry and set. If the new hardwood is pre-finished, you can walk on the floor after installation is finished.

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service.

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