Rustic Flooring

Rustic Flooring Options in Colorado Springs

The western lifestyle in Colorado is very conducive to rustic design and flooring. Rustic flooring makes a great statement in your Colorado Springs home. Floor Craft is the ideal place to shop for rustic flooring in Colorado Springs. Our staff of experts will work with you one-on-one so you select the perfect floor for your home.

Floor Craft offers an unmatched selection, professional service, product expertise, and custom installation specialists. We help you take the guess work out of selecting a floor. You probably have a good idea of what you are looking for in general. For example, you know you want a rustic floor. But where do you go from there? Our trained staff will walk you through the process, explaining the features and benefits of the various flooring options within the “rustic” genre. In the end, the product you select will look great and hold up over time, all while keeping your budget in mind.

While hardwood finishes have improved dramatically, it is still important to take extra care to make them last. This goes for rustic floors too! Fortunately, maintaining hardwood floors is now easier than ever.

 Keep in mind that dirt, grit, dust particles, and water are enemies of hardwood floors. Just follow these basic guidelines:

  • Wax will dull the finish so never wax your hardwood floor. Wax will dull the finish so never wax your hardwood floor.
  • Dirt and grit can cause scratches to the finish so sweep regularly or use a vacuum that does not have a beater bar or brush.
  • Prevent dirt and grit from being tracked onto your floors by using a doormat.
  • Water is the enemy and may causes wood to expand and swell and eventually crack. Wipe up spills quickly. Do not mop with excessive amounts of water
  • Many household cleaners will dull the finish and reduce the performance. Only use manufacturer recommended cleaners.Add leg protectors to all furniture.

We carry a wide selection of different wood species and color applications allowing you to create your unique look at a price you can afford.