Randy Stevenson

Sales Team

Randy - Floor Craft Colorado Springs

Randy specializes in single and multifamily property management, real estate sale remodels, and commercial office installations. With 43 years of industry experience, Randy has plenty of savvy in the retail and residential area as well. Of those 43 years, Floor Craft has been lucky enough to have Randy for the last 17! Randy is out of the office 95% of the day working by appointment. If you do run into him though, you won’t forget his wonderful sense of humor and unmistakable laugh.

Outside of work, Randy spends time with his three children and four grandchildren, to whom he has affectionately been deemed “Pa Pa.” When not with his family, Randy’s other business ventures have taken him south all the way to Liberia, Costa Rica. Down there, he is a proud partner of Angry Goats Brewery. We think he just found a clever way to write off both his beers and beach vacation, but he swears it’s business. There must be some truth to that, because the brewery has grown substantially since its inception in 2014, largely due to the award-winning brews they have produced. Another passion of his is fishing. Whether it be fly fishing, ice fishing, or deep sea, put a reel in his hand and Randy is a happy man.