Mark Strauch

Sales Team

Mark - Floor Craft Colorado Springs

The big dog, captain, el jefe – whatever you want to call him – Mark is the man at the helm making it happen at Floor Craft. When people think of the owner of a company, they often imagine a man briefly checking his email while teeing off on the first hole of the back nine on a Wednesday at 10 AM; this is not Mark. Mark is a first one in, last to leave type of owner. He prefers to lead by example, and sets the bar for what is required to run a small business. Mark spends the vast majority of his time organizing the builder work and putting out fires on job sites, but occasionally picks up a retail estimate, so you may bump into him.

When Mark isn’t working it’s probably because his phone died. Mark relishes time spent with his family in the mountains, whether skiing, riding dirt bikes, or camping. He also is a terrific wood worker.