Stainmaster Carpet

Floor Craft is a proud seller of Stainmaster carpet, luxury vinyl and other Stainmaster flooring products. Stainmaster is the industry leader with its beautiful stain resistant and durable carpet and luxury vinyl. It is the most recognized carpet brand in the country, sold in more than 18,000 retail locations.

Stainmaster has been homeowners’ choice since 1986, when the brand was born and revolutionized the carpet industry with a stain resistant technology that was never available. Today, Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl choices include its namesake brand and its pet friendly PetProtect, LiveWell, Essentials, Luxury Vinyl and PetProtect Luxury Vinyl lines.

Key features of Stainmaster Carpet and Luxury Vinyl:

  • Stain resistant and spill proof carpet.
  • Wide selection of colors and textures.
  • Experienced local consultants and local installers

Stain Resistant & Durable Carpet

Stop by Floor Craft’s Colorado Springs showroom and see why Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl is the perfect choice for stain resistant and durable carpet. We offer many beautiful options and styles for you to choose from.

Carpet has come a long way in being able to resist spills and stains. According to the flooring experts at Floor Craft, buying a carpet that offers no benefits other than aesthetic is antiquated. With stain resistant and spill-proof carpet like Stainmaster, you can enjoy your daily activities without the fear of ruining your new carpet. It is important to always immediately deal with spills, note the Floor Craft experts. With that cautionary note, you can live in comfort knowing your Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl will hold its quality for many years to come.

Stainmaster’s durable carpet is the result of extensive laboratory testing and real-life research. Stainmaster flooring professionals are experts on how to protect from wear and tear and the most common household spills, stains and soils. Inferior carpets can show ugly wear and tear in only a few years, according to the company’s research. Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl maintains its beauty for years after that. As the company states on its website, “We love finding new ways to bring comfort into your home, from the actual carpet to the comfort of knowing you can live your life the way you want without worrying about your carpet. So we’ve led the way designing carpets that are more durable, easier to clean and more resistant to stains.”

Wide Selection of Colors and Texture

Today’s carpet offers you amazing choices in style, texture, construction, color, and pattern, according to the experts at Floor Craft, which offers the best selection of carpet in Colorado Springs as well as experienced local installers. You can also now choose a carpet that meets any decorating need and still fit it into your budget.

Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl comes in a wide selection of colors and textures. An online buying guide and carpet selector tool at Stainmaster can help you narrow your choices to the perfect style and color palette. Floor Craft experts are readily available to consult on the best Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl choices for your needs.

Experienced Local Flooring Installers

Once you’ve selected your Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl, the experts at Floor Craft are readily available to install your new floor once the decision is made. Local experienced installers offer a skill level and attention to detail that brings the same peace of mind as Stainmaster carpet and luxury vinyl.

For all of your Stainmaster flooring and installation needs, visit us at the Floor Craft showroom or online at Contact Us.