Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile Options in Colorado Springs

Porcelain Tile is an excellent choice of a durable and low-maintenance floor that will last for years to come.  It is made from finer and denser clay than ceramic tile and is fired at higher temperatures. Additionally, porcelain tile is more resistant to scratches and stains and tougher than any other type of flooring. Its high resistance makes it ideal for families with kids and pets. If you’re looking for the best porcelain tile Colorado Springs has to offer, then look no further than Floor Craft.  

Porcelain tile doesn’t require any sealing for water resistance and repels stains. You can quickly clean up spills with soap and water. Its impervious surface also makes it resistant to harsher cleaning agents if they are required to remove tougher stains. Some other flooring options may quickly wear and can become shabby looking. With our selection of porcelain tile, you can be reassured that your floor or backsplash will maintain its beautiful appearance for years to come. 

Floor Craft offers many styles of porcelain tile flooring made to look like marble, granite, limestone, wood, or slate depending on the style you are looking for. Our boundless possibilities available for both commercial and residential projects separates us from any other tile store in Colorado Springs. We offer a dynamic selection of products and unparalleled service. Floor Craft is one of the most comprehensive sources for exterior and interior flooring. Let us provide you with our efficient, friendly, and reliable service.  Call us or stop by today for the best selection of porcelain tile in Colorado Springs!