Colorado Springs Experts in Flooring Sales and Installation

Floor Craft has been around since the 40s, and we attribute our decades of success to the incredible team that makes Floor Craft your go to flooring store.

Sales Team

Jerry de Bellefeuille

Sales Team

Don’t let his last name intimidate you – Jerry is one of the friendliest, most helpful people you will meet. Floor Craft snagged Jerry in September of 2017 after he relocated from the East Coast. Even though Jerry is a newer team member, he is certainly not new to the industry. Jerry’s introduction to flooring began at Home Depot in the early 90s, although he started in retail sales even earlier. After getting his feet wet at the big box store, he moved into a sales rep position for the largest flooring distributor in northern California for a couple years. In 2006, he headed east and worked for a local flooring company for more than a decade. It’s from there that he began his migration west to the great state of Colorado, where he came aboard Floor Craft.

Jerry is the epitome of a family man, having three kids and a marriage surpassing three decades! When Jerry isn’t helping beautify your home, he enjoys long motorcycle rides, loving on his German Shepard, and acting as the music director at his local church.

Dru - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Dru Montgomery

Sales Team

Dru has been with Floor Craft for over 6 years, but he has more than three decades of experience with him. Dru not only knows the retail side of things, but he also has a vast amount of knowledge of the distribution side of the industry as well. This provides a unique perspective many others don’t have. With his depth of industry understanding, Dru is an inquisitive salesman. He works hard to get to know the customers to truly pair them with not only the most aesthetic product, but also with the most appropriate floor for their budget and lifestyle.

Dru keeps quite busy at work, but that is just so he stays sharp for all that he has going on at home. He and his high school sweetheart have five children, 17 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, five Dalmatians, and one lovable rescue mutt. He and his wife show their dogs nationally. Three of their grand-puppies rode on the Budweiser Clydesdale wagons, and another found fame in TV commercials. Dru loves camping, fishing, and four-wheeling with his grandchildren. We also feel its best to let you know that if you don’t care for the Kansas Jayhawks, you may want to work with another salesperson (just kidding – he likes everyone).

John - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
John Whitlock

Sales Team

John has been in the flooring industry since he could drive, and with his encyclopedic installation knowledge, he acts as our resident expert in overseeing difficult installations. He has been working for Floor Craft since 1999.

John began in this industry on the installation side, installing carpet, vinyl, and wood. He moved into commercial installations as he grew his skills, which is why he commonly heads up Floor Craft’s commercial projects. John’s wealth of experience guarantees that if he knocks on your door for an estimate, you’ll know you are in capable hands.

A Ruidoso, NM native, he is an outdoor enthusiast who can be found on the golf course, on the water in a canoe, or toting his camper over mountain passes with his wife. John, like Jerry, has three kids of his own. Flooring must run in the family, because you just might have John sell your job, and then his son, also named John, show up to provide an expert installation.

Randy - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Randy Stevenson

Sales Team

Randy specializes in single and multifamily property management, real estate sale remodels, and commercial office installations. With 43 years of industry experience, Randy has plenty of savvy in the retail and residential area as well. Of those 43 years, Floor Craft has been lucky enough to have Randy for the last 17! Randy is out of the office 95% of the day working by appointment. If you do run into him though, you won’t forget his wonderful sense of humor and unmistakable laugh.

Outside of work, Randy spends time with his three children and four grandchildren, to whom he has affectionately been deemed “Pa Pa.” When not with his family, Randy’s other business ventures have taken him south all the way to Liberia, Costa Rica. Down there, he is a proud partner of Angry Goats Brewery. We think he just found a clever way to write off both his beers and beach vacation, but he swears it’s business. There must be some truth to that, because the brewery has grown substantially since its inception in 2014, largely due to the award-winning brews they have produced. Another passion of his is fishing. Whether it be fly fishing, ice fishing, or deep sea, put a reel in his hand and Randy is a happy man.

Joe - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Joe Costantino

Sales Team

Joe is a uniquely positioned salesman, in that he is not only well-trained and trusted on the showroom floor, but equally skilled in installation. He is our only salesman that may sell you a floor and install it too.

Joe’s introduction to flooring only slightly predates his move from his hometown of Omaha, NE to Colorado Springs in 2004. Upon arriving in Colorado Springs, Joe found work in town in both sales and installation. Joe was first discovered by Floor Craft in 2006 when we began contracting him for hard surface installs. Joe has performed countless installs for the company dating over the years, but converted to full-time sales in 2015. After roughly a year, Joe missed the installation side of the business, and has been juggling both sales and installation for Floor Craft since then. Although he can install nearly all hard surface floors, he solely focuses on floating floors and prefinished hardwood.

Joe’s tenure in the flooring industry is impressive, but pales in comparison to the amount of time he and his wife have spent together: 38 years! Over the years they have introduced four wonderful children to the world, something that Joe finds a lot of pride and enjoyment in. He also enjoys hiking and playing music.

Floor Craft - Colorado Springs flooring and tile
Ethan Strauch

Sales Team

Ethan is the newest member of the sales force, though his involvement with Floor Craft began much sooner. Ethan grew up in the Floor Craft household and was manning forklifts and cutting carpets in the warehouse as soon as he could get himself from school to work on his own. Throughout college, Ethan worked remotely for the store, assisting with builder accounts and helping implement technology into Floor Craft’s processes. Following college, he spent a few years in the finance industry, but returned to the company, more excited than ever. Ethan interacts primarily with contractor and builder accounts, but you may run into him on the sales floor from time to time as well.

When he isn’t at Floor Craft, Ethan is typically exploring beautiful Colorado with his wife and dog. Huge proponents of adventure, the couple enjoys hiking, biking, and camping in as many mountain towns they can squeeze in.

Mark - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Mark Strauch

Sales Team

The big dog, captain, el jefe – whatever you want to call him – Mark is the man at the helm making it happen at Floor Craft. When people think of the owner of a company, they often imagine a man briefly checking his email while teeing off on the first hole of the back nine on a Wednesday at 10 AM; this is not Mark. Mark is a first one in, last to leave type of owner. He prefers to lead by example, and sets the bar for what is required to run a small business. Mark spends the vast majority of his time organizing the builder work and putting out fires on job sites, but occasionally picks up a retail estimate, so you may bump into him.

When Mark isn’t working it’s probably because his phone died. Mark relishes time spent with his family in the mountains, whether skiing, riding dirt bikes, or camping. He also is a terrific wood worker.

Sales Support

Jared - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Jared Graber

Sales Support

Jared’s tenure at Floor Craft began in the warehouse more than seven years ago, but his position and responsibilities have evolved significantly since then. Jared works as Floor Craft’s operations manager and scheduler. He keeps busy monitoring inventory levels, tracking products for jobs, and keeping problems in the field at bay. You may not see Jared on the sales floor, but if you purchase flooring from Floor Craft, you will likely get a call from him notifying you that your material has arrived and your job is ready to schedule.

Jared is one of those weird people that enjoys running. Like, does it for fun. We don’t get it either. He also is busy raising his young son. Jared grew up in the small town of Rye, CO, and spends many weekends back home with his son exploring the mountains of his youth.

Kelli - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Kelli Kadlec

Sales Support

Kelli’s role is hard to categorize, mainly because she is involved in nearly every aspect of the business. Kelli is primarily involved with working on builder accounts and managing the purchasing department, but she is also heavily involved in vendor relations to ensure we have updated products and excellent prices. You may or may not deal directly with Kelli when purchasing flooring from Floor Craft, but we promise you she is instrumental in making your project happen. Although her married name disguises it, Kelli is 4th generation lineage at Floor Craft and certainly critical to the succession plan.

If you end up working with Kelli and you want to become her favorite customer, we’ll give you a hint: ask her about her dog, Alester. Much of Kelli’s free time is spent hiking with Ali and her husband on the trails and paths in beautiful Colorado Springs. In addition to trekking around town, Kelli enjoys competition clay shooting with her husband.

Service Team

Steve - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Steve Webb

Service Team

Steve has been a part of Floor Craft since 1982, and no, that is not a typo. Though Steve is not part of the ownership family, he is the 3rd generation of the Webb family to work at Floor Craft. His father, Bill, owned a store in Kansas, but moved the family out to Colorado when things slowed down. Steve’s grandmother worked for Floor Craft at the time, and helped Bill get a position as an estimator. When Steve was old enough to join the work force, he started in the warehouse at Floor Craft, and then managed it for ten years. From there, he moved into an estimator role for just shy of a decade, and since then has served as the manager of the service department. Steve is highly respected both at Floor Craft and among Floor Craft’s long-standing builder and contractor accounts. It is common knowledge that if Steve is involved in solving a problem, the solution is going to be done right. Some of Steve’s industry certifications include OSHA safety certificates, Karndean installation, and formal Schluter training.

Although Colorado is a beautiful state, Steve only agrees with that statement about half the year. He hates cold weather. When the snow starts flying, Steve and his wife prefer to bail and find themselves a nice, sunny beach instead. Their favorite is Jamaica. When the winter subsides Steve likes to head to the hills to camp and drive his sandrail.

Tim - Floor Craft Colorado Springs
Tim Knebl

Service Team

Tim’s resume takes him not only across the industry, but the country as well. It all began after college back in 1990 when Tim found himself installing commercial carpet for an outfit that sent him all over the country to wherever the next hotel was being built. Once the constant relocation lost its appeal, Tim pursued apartment remodel flooring using carpet and vinyl. In the mid 1990s, Tim found his way to Denver to work as an independent contractor installing vinyl, tile, and laminate. After going out on his own for a while, he found a position with the service department of a flooring store, but when the economy went south in 2008, he was forced back into the installation side of the business. From 2008 to 2014, Tim worked as an independent flooring subcontractor, often for Floor Craft. In mid-2014, Tim joined Floor Craft as an employee and assists with project management and service on job sites.

Tim and his wife find much joy in raising their two kids together. He is a talented musician and also values time spent with his church.