Our Sales Process

1. retail sales process

Whether it be a website form, phone call, or physical store visit the sales process for a product purchase and installation job generally follows the same flow:

  • The customer is welcome to select a product prior to measure or arrange the measurement to take place first, but either way Floor Craft requires that a member of our sales team performs a physical job assessment and measure.
  • If the customer already knows what product they want their salesperson will provide an estimate specific to that product. Otherwise, the customer can describe what type of product they are interested in, and their salesperson can provide a nonbinding budget estimate for the customer, so that they can have an approximation of what the job may cost.
  • If the customer finds their budget estimate to be reasonable then they will then need to come into the showroom to choose their product. They are more than welcome to roam freely or request the guidance of our sales team to help with the selection.
  • Once a finalized product has been chosen their salesperson will provide a binding estimate that they may choose to accept or decline.
  • When an estimate is accepted, the customer will be required to sign and date the estimate and our terms and conditions page. These documents are typically sent via HelloSign which allows the customer to electronically sign them at their convenience. The documents can of course also be signed in person or signed at home and then mailed or emailed.
  • The customer is also required to provide a 50% deposit. That deposit can be made via cash, credit card (in person or over the phone), or check. We can send the 50% deposit invoice to the customer via email if they prefer to pay online with a credit card. We also offer financing which is available on our website.
  • Once the estimate and terms and conditions are signed and a deposit has been provided, the customer’s estimate is turned in to a work order and submitted to our purchasing department. The purchasing department will order any necessary materials and allocate any stock materials.
  • Once all material has arrived, the customer will be contacted by phone by our scheduling department to coordinate the installation. The amount of time it takes for material to arrive varies from vendor to vendor and from product to product. Customers may call in to our scheduling department at any time to receive updates on their installation schedule.
  • Once the installation has been completed and the original salesperson has verified that the job has met the customer’s expectations, the final invoice will be sent via email. In that email the customer is given the option to pay online with a credit card. If they do not respond to that request, the customer is required to pay via cash, credit card (in person or over the phone), or by check. The final payment is due within 30 days.
  • The sale is now considered complete. A year from the date of install, the customer will be contacted by our service department to remind them of their one-year labor warranty. At this time, Floor Craft is happy to address any issues that may have arisen over the past year.


2. Product only order process

  • The sale is made either in person, over the phone, or over email. The customer is required to provide the salesperson with the final order quantity. The salesperson may assist the customer in determining the quantity, but the customer is responsible for the final quantity ordered. A field measure will not be provided for material only orders.
  • The order qualifies for free delivery within a 16-mile radius of Floor Craft if the order exceeds $500. Any mileage over 16 will be charged at the rate of $4.00/mile. Any orders less than $500 may still be delivered at the rate of $4.00/mile.
  • The order quote must be signed and dated, along with the terms and conditions page. The customer is also required to provide payment in full prior to the order being placed. The signature may be provided in person, via mail or email, or using HelloSign to provide an electronic signature. Payment may be provided via cash, credit card (in person or over the phone), check, or online.
  • Once the order and terms and conditions are signed, and payment is provided, the order is turned in to the purchasing department.
  • Product lead times vary widely vendor to vendor and product to product. The salesperson can check stock at the time of order and communicate the timeline as best as possible; however, Floor Craft is ultimately at the mercy of the manufacturers, distributors, and trucking companies. The customer may call their salesperson at any time to check on the status of their order.
  • Once the product is received, the customer will be contacted by both phone and email to alert them that their product is in and ready for pick up. If the customer chose to have their product delivered, they will be contacted via phone by our scheduling department to coordinate delivery.
  • The material must be picked up or delivered within 30 days of receiving the initial notice of material arrival. At the start of each subsequent week past the 30-day mark, a $25 charge will be assessed for inventory storage.
  • At the time of either pick up or delivery, the customer will be required to sign and date a copy of their order acknowledging receipt of the material. This signature also represents acceptance of the product and its condition.
  • The customer must notify Floor Craft within three days of receiving the material if there is any damage or the material is incorrect.