Flooring To Help Your House Stay Cooler

Cool Summer Flooring

Depending on the size of your home, heating and cooling costs can be quite an expense; especially, in Winter and Summer respectively. Furthermore, finding a professional, reliable, and efficient installation team may be difficult. When it comes to choosing professionals, with etiquette and expertise, Floor Craft is the pinnacle of floor installation. However, when it comes to what to install for your floors, the best choice is what works for your home. Stone tile may provide you the feel of walking through an Ancient Greek Temple. Laminate may be matched to fit the style of your home: wood, stone, modern – for an affordable price! Hardwood floors may give your dwelling a classic rustic look with warm accents.

Best Flooring To Keep Cool

When the topic of natural stone is discussed, we picture great mosaics, beautiful sculptures, and formidable facades. Stone is durable and has incredible heating properties. It has high thermal (heat) conductivity, which means that it transfers heat quickly between itself and another mass. So, when your hot feet touch a stone floor in the summer, it will be cool to the touch. Conversely, in the winter when your feet are cold, a properly heated home will have your feet traversing warm tiles, or marble. Lastly, Stone is very easy to maintain and clean – hence, the durability!

Natural Stone Tile

Looking for a marble splash back? Maybe some travertine for your new shower? Or perhaps, slate for your mud room? See what we have to offer on Floor Craft’s Tile and Stone and consult with us today!


Laminate is incredibly adaptable and affordable. Laminate may be crafted to match existing marble floors, or wood finishes. Laminate may also be used to create a whole new look for your home entirely. As a flooring material, it is easy to maintain and install.

Laminate is more durable than wood, and as such, gives it special cooling and heating properties. Like other types of stone and wood flooring, laminates composition allows it to disperse heat more effectively than carpet. This means, in a properly insulted home, it is cool to the touch on warmer days.

Floor Craft has incredible options for laminate flooring which may be viewed here: Floor Craft Laminate Style for Your Home

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors appreciate the value of your home, and they look amazing. A properly installed hardwood floor is also extremely durable, just requiring sweeping and an occasional wood cleaner. Also, make sure to keep those pet’s nails trimmed! There are many styles available which may match the décor of your home. Lastly, wood flooring can be a simple installation process.

Hardwood floors do not retain heat like carpet floors. If the wood flooring is not placed in direct sunlight, the wood can stay quite cool during warmer seasons. Also, the ability to pick lighter shades of wood, or stain them with a lighter color (or both!), will help deflect sunlight and keep the floor cool to the touch.

We have options for pre-finished wood floors that offer great variety for your home. Browse our options here: Hardwood Options and consult with us today!

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Whether its stone, laminate, or hardwood floors, Floor Craft has you covered. We will install your new flooring with tact and grace – allowing you to enjoy these floors for more than a lifetime. Choose your floor to keep you cool, and call us today at (719) 633-7724, or write us an email at info@floorcraft.us to consult with experts. We will find what flooring fits your style and budget.